Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Keegan" - Available

Keegan is a big ol' country boy that was one of the lucky dogs from the HSUS bust. He was one of the healthy ones that did not need to go through medical treatment.

Keegan is an American Bulldog (think Chance from Homeward Bound) and is approximately 3 years old. He weighs around 50 pounds. He loves to go on long walks and learn his basic obedience skills. He gets along with most dogs, provided they are introduced slowly and positively. He is good with children, but we are unsure how he is with cats.

He is looking for a semi-active family that will provide him with the love, patience, and structure he needs.

BLOGGER'S NOTE: Keegan is a goofy, funny boy! I remember meeting him at the kennel and you could see how much personality he had. Really fun and comical kind of guy :)

If you are interested in adopting Keegan, please contact

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