How to Adopt

Interested in adopting one of our fantastic Adoptabulls? Awesome!

As a rescue, we work very hard to save as many 'Pitties' as possibly. A TON of work goes into each and every dog's rescue effort. You can read more about that on the Behind the Scenes page.

The reason we put the effort, time, and money into the dogs is that our long term goal is to find each and every dog a loving, responsible, forever family. We want our dogs to be spoiled rotten - snoozing on the couch, playing fetch, and being the center of attention (Pit Bulls usually don't have a problem with that!)

In order to find great homes for our dogs, we do have a general process to adopt from us.

Step One:  Put in your application
The application is a simple fill-in-the-blank questionnaire that asks for your basic contact info, current pets, what you are looking for in a dog, etc. You can fill that out here. Simply copy/paste the form into your email browser and send to

Step Two: Application Review
After submitting your application, one of our coordinators will review it and contact you to discuss any questions or concerns. We try to do this ASAP, but sometimes we have urgent rescue cases that back up this process. We apologize if that happens, and if you don't hear from a RRinc representative within 2-3 days, please resend your application, as it may not have been received.
When our representative calls you, they will discuss the dog you are interested in (if any) and help you determine if that dog is best for your family, or suggest a dog that might be a better fit.

Step Three: Home Visit
Because our breed is often used for illegal and cruel purposes, we do require a home visit prior to placement. Not only does this help screen out the people who want a Pit for the wrong reasons, it also allows us to access the home environment, which helps us make the best match for your family's needs. For example, we would express concerns about placing a hyperactive 8 month old puppy in a home with toddlers, a busy schedule, and a tiny backyard, as the dog may prove to be too much for that family. In this case, we would recommend a calmer, more laid-back dog.
If you have a particular dog you are interested in, we will often try to bring the dog to the home visit so you can keep them right then and there. This is especially important if you have other dogs, as we can guide you through positive introductions and see if the dogs are compatible. If you are unsure of what dog you are interested in, we can still approve the home visit, and you can meet as many dogs as you want until you come across the one that best fits your home.

If you have any questions about our Adoption Process, please contact