1. What is Rugaz Rescue?
Rugaz Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving and rehoming Bully breeds, particularly the Pit Bull Terrier. RRinc is also dedicated to educating the public on responsible dog ownership. We are based out of New Port Richey, FL but our dogs are fostered throughout Central Florida. We also attend adoption and awareness events throughout the state.

2. What type of dogs does Rugaz Rescue have?
RRinc is a Bully breed rescue, so most of our dogs are going to be one of, or a combination of, the "Bully" breeds -- Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Occasionally we will have other breeds available. We frequently have young puppies, as well as adults.

3. How does RRinc get their dogs?
RRinc focuses on "pulling" dogs from kill shelters. Most of these dogs would be euthanized if we did not take them, so we are their last resort.

4. What do I do if I am interested in adopting a RRinc dog?
The first step is to decide if a dog is fit for your lifestyle. Research the breed you are interested in. Do you work long hours or travel frequently? Bully breeds are very intelligent, energetic dogs that need people who will spend time with them; they are highly sociable to people and hate being isolated for long periods of time. If you decide that you are still interested in a RRinc dog, you can copy/paste the Adoption Application in your email browser and send it to our Adoption Coordinators.
After submitting the Application, our Adoption Coordinator will contact as soon as possible. From there, a home visit will be scheduled. After that, you're all clear :)

5. Why do you perform home visits?
We perform home visits for many reasons. It helps us to go out and see the house where the dog will live, as well as the family they will be living with. For example, we would be hesitate to place a high-energy, young dog in a small house with a tiny yard. Home visits also allow us to make sure that the home is safe and secure -- there are no holes in the fence, etc. Finally, it allows us to see the conditions of the other animals on the premises so we can be assured that the RRinc dog will be well cared for. We don't do home visits to judge or criticize, we do it because many of our dogs have had tough lives prior to coming into our rescue, and we want to be sure they are taken care of for the rest of their life.

6. How much is the adoption fee?
All dogs, regardless of age, have an adoption donation of $200.

7. What does the adoption donation include?
All dogs are spayed/neutered, up to date with vaccines, dewormed, microchipped, on flea/heartworm prevention, and started on house/crate/basic obedience training.

8. Can my current dogs meet the potential RRinc dog before I adopt him/her?
Absolutely! For an adoption to be a long term success, positive interactions between resident and new dogs is essential. We can assist you in properly introducing the dogs to help ease the transition.

9. Does RRinc take in dogs with medical problems?
Yes. Our most frequent medical cases are Heartworm Disease and Demodex mange. Both are generally straightforward to treat in healthy dogs. We also take in quite a few malnourished dogs, like Barnaby. Occasionally, we will have dogs with other medical issues.

10. How can I help out RRinc?
The biggest way to assist RRinc is by fostering. Fostering is an *incredibly* rewarding experience. Words cannot describe the satisfaction one gets from taking in a dog for a while, giving him some TLC, and helping him find a family that loves him. You feel great accomplishment knowing that if it weren't for you, that healthy, happy family dog likely would have been euthanized at the shelter.
Donations are also really important to keep our rescue running. We really need monthly supporters of individual dogs to help pay for medical care and rescue expenses. We're also looking at starting a fundraising committee, if you have any ideas, please contact Fundraising@RugazRescue.com
Transport and event volunteers are also helpful. We frequently need dogs driven from the shelter to their foster homes across Central Florida. Event volunteers help out by walking dogs and helping answer questions.

11. I am interested in fostering. What do I do?
Fostering is an awesome way to give back, and we are more than happy to use your help! First, fill out the Foster Application and send it to our Foster Coordinators. They will contact you ASAP to discuss your application and schedule a home visit.
**I hope to have a strong foster resource library built on the blog shortly. This library will have articles on training, socializing, etc that fosters can look up at any time.**