Thursday, March 31, 2011

What is the Foster-to-Adopt program?

"Dora" - Available for a Foster-to-Adopt home

The Foster-to-Adopt program allows us to place dogs in homes that interested in adopting them before they are medically cleared. For example, we often get dogs with Demodex mange or Heartworms. Both of those conditions are treatable and have a high rate of success. The dogs are generally well enough to live in a family and be "normal" dogs, but we cannot release them from our organization until they have a clean bill of health.

So, by having an FTA program, we can let the dogs that are recovering from medical conditions go to prospective adopters while still receiving treatment. This is beneficial because it allows the dog to start bonding with your family. You can also decide if the dog is suitable for your needs without making a lifetime commitment yet. But, more importantly, it opens up space in our volunteer foster homes for other needy dogs that would be killed.

Medical expenses are the responsibility of RRinc until the dog is formally adopted. Once the dog is determined to be free of Heartworms, Demodex, or whatever other condition it may have, the regular adoption donation is paid. Also, if you are approved to foster, then you are automatically approved to adopt.

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